Catch up on Cambodia: Ancient Hx

The heritage of Cambodia is traced back to the Khmer Empire. This Empire is often symbolized through its largest temple, Angkor Wat located near Siem Reap. This empire’s golden age was around the 14th century AD, with the empire spanning into parts of modern-day Thailand and Vietnam. Ruins uncovered around the Angkor Wat temple (pictured in our title) in Siem Reap have brought to the surface a vastly complex irrigation system that shows off a technical prowess of the Khmer Empire in architecture and infrastructure. Despite it’s hey day, the Khmer Empire saw decline occur not long after its golden age, around the 15th century AD. Some attribute this decline to a more ascetic Buddhist religion becoming prominent in the kingdom. Some attribute it to mismanagement of land that was sold off without much thought to the future. Some attribute it to a neglect of the irrigation system that led to this city and temple complex basically just being abandoned.

The Angkor origin of Cambodia reveals the country’s history and gives insight into the culture of modern-day Cambodia; a rich and beautiful culture. It’s own distinct Buddhist practices point to Cambodia’s unique character amongst its neighbours.


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