Catch up on Cambodia series

The next series will be on Cambodia. We’ll explore a little of its past and present. The aim is to give you a brief picture of the country’s history. Hopefully it not only gives you a sense of the place, but hopefully will provide some context for our mission work. The series following this series will be on our mission practice. So having the Cambodian context will help us focus that discussion.

I’m no expert on Cambodia. In fact I’ve never been there before. What I’m writing may be off the mark. So if it is, help me get closer to the mark. I was given the opportunity to begin to get to know Cambodia more as part of our missionary training earlier this year. These blog posts come straight out of that time of study. I didn’t know much about Cambodia before this year. But as I’ve read and studied I’ve grown to love the Cambodian culture, even before getting there in person.



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