No-longer New: #1. Series intro


Our photographer, Clare, prettied us up with a filter. Bethany joined us to celebrate our first year.

Well, its been just over a year that we’ve been in Cambodia. The year has definitely flown. So much has happened. So much change. This series takes some time to look back at the past year. Not at every aspect, but things that have stood out for us. I partly do this to give you a sense of what the year was like for us as a whole. But I partly do it to help myself settle into this second year. There was lots of un-settledness last year. Looking ahead I’m excited about having a few less things to settle into this year. I’m excited about living in Cambodia now that things are a little more settled. But I’m also excited about continuing to learn more about Cambodia in a more settled way.

The idea of settled-ness conveys a sense of non-newness. We’re no longer new. And that’s exciting in its own way. So reflecting on last year helps me feel more settled as we begin our second year in Cambodia, knowing that in some ways we are no longer new.

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