Mission series heads up: The rationale



This post is a heads up on the mission series starting next week. I wanted to share my purpose in this series before we begin. In effect, I hope this series is like a hypothesis in a science experiment. You begin with a hypothesis. Then the experiment is set up to test that hypothesis and see if it stands. Based on the results you determine whether the hypothesis needs to be discarded, modified or conditionally confirmed.

This series is my hypothesis. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing what we hope will be the way we approach life in Cambodia as we seek to share the good news of Jesus in a new place. The benefit of sharing our approach will be a) for us, that we solidify our thoughts in a way that helps us better implement them next year; b) for you, that you’ll gain an insight into some of the decisions we make about living in Cambodia; and c) for us in a number of years time, we’ll be able to reflect on what actually happened in light of our initial thoughts and so in a number of years, begin to test our hypothesis – learning and growing as a result. But, before a hypothesis can be tested, it must first be stated, so on with the series.

Furthermore, most of my thoughts in this series have risen as a result of the great training that I was a part of earlier this year. Any brilliance comes from the these insightful missional teachers (missiologists). Anything below par, is all me.

And PPS, no just kidding, on with the series…



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