Series heads up: Fav Proverbs

As I settle into Cambodia, I wanted to keep blogging. But I’m not ready to blog on my experience here just yet. I’m journaling and that will provide me with fodder for a ‘first impresssions’ or ‘settling in’ series at some stage.

So, for now, I’m going to blog on some of my favourite proverbs. Two reasons, here.

to-do-list-long12I’ve been read the book monthly for a while now and so I took one of those months to jot down every proverb that stood out to me. I was thinking that I’d just pick my favourites from that list. However, my list exploded. So instead of sifting through all 95 of my favourites to find a couple, I’ve taken another tack. I found the chapter with the most proverbs that I liked in it. That chapter will form this first series. Based on how I’m going, I may do multiple favourite proverbs series.


Stay tuned next week for Proverbs 28. You could read through and try to guess which one’s will make it in the series. There were 11, so you’ve got a 1 in 3 chance of picking one of them.

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